Shout out to the new wave of digital drifters, a nomadic tribe who have emacipated themselves from 9 to 5 cubicle living to priortise living life on their own terms. We love these people!

Our cowork was designed to offer a peaceful space to focus and get work done. Full of light, with views of coconut trees and breaking waves. You can take a 10 minute break and walk 15 metres into the warm Indian Ocean, or better, break for an hour and go for a quick surf. That is what this lifestyle is all about. Your time is yours, and the best parts of the day don’t have to be spent at a desk.

Hang out in our loungy common areas and order a coffee, it’s the perfect place to meet people, make connections, network and discover new business opportunities.

We have the best high speed fibre system on the island, it is approximately 100 MBPS download and 40 MBPS upload speeds. We also have penty of charging points for all your tech.

The cowork offers indoor and outdoor desk space, as well as sofas so you can choose how you want to work.